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Titi Ferguson

57 Sand Springs Drive

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Cell: (304) 678-5095

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Titi’s art career began at the age of 12. She experimented with several media in high school and college, but kept returning to watercolor, her first love. When husband, children and home reared their domestic heads, she felt the pressure of these priorities and for many years closeted her painting talent.


In 1990 a move to Canaan Valley, West Virginia in the lovely Potomac Highlands unlocked the closet door. Titi’s paintings have won numerous awards and she has an international following. She is a signature member of the West Virginia Watercolor Society.


Artist Statement

I have worked in oil and watercolor but keep returning to the latter. This medium is especially helpful in describing to you the things I see and love in nature, and the way they appear to me. The natural world is never four-square in primary colors; it is made of subtle shapes and colors, each one blending into the other. Watercolor helps me achieve this s no other medium can. Most of our world is still a thing of wonder and beauty; I want you to see and enjoy it as I do.


When it becomes time to write my obituary, I hope an art critic, somewhere, will label me a romantic realist. But not for a long time! I have a lot of paint to down and a lot of places I want you to visit with me!

Squirrels' Nest Studio - 57 Sand Spring Drive - Davis, West Virginia 26260

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